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About Us

Nature has the power to take us back “there” – to a simpler, more grounded way of being. The call of nature to connect more deeply is still within us, and it’s still out there all around us.



Our passion lies in connecting people to nature’s playground, and everything it offers.



We are driven by a purpose to nurture the kinship between people, plants, animals, and all living things.



Wonder is unforgettable. We have made it our business to seek out the kinds of places and experiences memories are made of.



Our commitment is always to inspire, comfort, surprise, heal, or create joy.

The Yonder Ecosystem

Connecting people to nature immeasurably
benefits Stewards, guests, and the planet.

Acquaint guests with the healing powers of nature

Inspire more people to respect and protect the world we share

Boost Steward revenue, enabling them to do more of what they do, and open it up to more people

Yonder Origins

Looking to pursue a more wholesome life in the mountains, Tim and Sarah Southwell acquired an 80-acre parcel of land in Southwest Montana located on the river bottom of the Bitterroot Valley.

It was here, in the fall of 2012, when ABC acres, a Permaculture Farmstead, was born.

They offered on-farm vacation stays referred to as “farm stays”, as well as guided farm tours, livestock feedings, nature observation walks, and workshops.

The economic and educational benefits couldn’t be ignored. The Southwell's wanted to help other farmers open their businesses to more opportunity.

Popular online travel agencies and booking sites couldn’t properly support a property like this with so much more to offer than just a place to stay.

Tim and Sarah, along with the Yonder founding team saw the tremendous potential for both Stewards and travelers and suggested that they expand beyond Farm and create a platform for diverse nature-rich experiences.

Check out Tim's blog post celebrating Yonder's launch.


More than hosts

Our community of ranchers, farmers, vintners, and nature-rich property owners are much more than hosts, they're Yonder Stewards. We select them for their exceptional efforts to connect people with the natural world.

More than curators

Yonder Scouts are the protectors of our high standards, keeping us true to our promise of quality, life-enriching stays, and experiences. They hand-select every Steward on the Yonder platform.