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Tour an organic food and flower farm

Physical intensity1 / 10
Duration1 Hours
Handicap Accessible
Kid Friendly
Infant Friendly


We believe that small-scale agriculture is one of the most vital solutions for a sustainable future. On your tour, we will share how we strive to produce nutrient dense food and humane animal products on 10 acres with the smallest environmental impact as possible. We will discuss our production methods, chosen varieties and breeds, balance with nature, and work philosophies. We are happy to provide a wholistic farm overview or spend the time learning about specific farm enterprises and production systems. Some visitors spend the whole time just snuggling baby goats. It's up to you!


    • We grow and raise a variety of plants and animals on our farm for food, fiber, and flowers. We can custom tailor your tour based on your interests. Activities can include feeding our livestock, meeting our livestock guardian dogs, snuggling baby animals, picking flowers, walking, cheese tasting, etc.