Llama Farm Experience | Yonder

Llama Farm Experience

Physical intensity2 / 10
Duration1 Hours


Walk to the reproduction of Thoreau's cabin, have a seat, and relax looking at the view of the Mount Tom, or use the cabin as a destination as you walk the loop through the woods. Prior guests watched from the cabin as a pair of fishers walked the path in front of them. Ask John for a map of the land, and keep your eyes open for signs of coyote, deer, fishers, raccoons, and other animals. Listen for the ravens (YES, they are here!) and in the late afternoon you can hear the owls hooting to one another. Our trail hikes are self-guided, so you don't have to wait for a group to assemble before you can hit the trail. Want to go farther? Want to make a day of it? Link on one of oru trails to the Mineral Hills hike, and plan to go up and over the hills until you reach the old quarry. Be sure to bring water, cell phone, bug repellent, and a hat.


    • After breakfast join John in giving grain to the llamas.