ABC acres Full Farm Immersion Tour | Yonder
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ABC acres Full Farm Immersion Tour

Physical intensity4 / 10
Duration3 Hours
Pet Friendly
Kid Friendly


Over the course a few hours, we will travel the full extent of the farm and visit areas of interest: - Livestock Animal Systems Cattle & Poultry - Rotational Grazing, Building Nutrient, Breaking Pest Cycles Pig & Goats - Choreographed Rotation Scheme within a Silvopasture Design - Agroforestry Tree Belts - Long Term Abundance - Crater Garden Pond - A Unique Micro Climate Project - Year-round Greenhouse - "We Grow Bananas and Citrus in Montana!" - Living Fence - A lifetime installation for human and wildlife enjoyment & functionality - Production Gardens - Hoop houses, raised beds, and sprawling vegetable gardens And anything else that strikes your fancy!