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Organic Farm, Hydroponic Greenhouse, Backyard Garden Workshop

Physical intensity2 / 10
Duration2 Hours
Kid Friendly
Infant Friendly


Vermont food and farm tours empower people to enhance their health through delicious, nutritious, sustainably raised food. These on-farm experiences are educational, inspiring, and fun. Way more than a tour--it's really a one-of-a-kind, hands-on workshop. Connect deeply to nature, your food, and your body.


    • Pluck a pea off the vine as you learn about organic agriculture and the history of Hartshorn Farm, where your tour guide, Amy, lives. Taste some fresh kale and chard. Dig a carrot. Find out what some of the weeds beneath your feet can help with. Pop a sweet cherry tomato into your mouth. Pick some blueberries. Put your hands in the warm soil and plant something. Harvest some veggies for your lunchtime salad in the farmstand. We will enjoy a homemade mostly organic and hydroponic greens filled vegetarian lunch.
    • Amy’s organic farmer life partner, Dave, is also a fifth-generation sugarmaker. Check out the maple sugarhouse. Find out how maple syrup was discovered. Taste a sample.
    • Visit the cutting edge, Green Mountain Harvest Hydroponic greenhouse where sustainability meets delicious year-round in Vermont. Their motto is “Going green growing greens.” Find out how they do this. Taste tender delicious basil, watercress, and lettuce greens.
    • Looking to create your own beautiful and productive veggie, herb and flower garden? Check out Amy’s backyard circular garden for inspiration. See which medicinal herbs are growing among the veggies and flowers and what they can do for you. Find the wild stinging nettle growing nearby and learn why it’s such a superfood. Discover what else might also be growing in your yard that you can use to heal.
    • You’ll also have an opportunity to feed Amy’s horses, Koko and Amigo, some carrots and learn a little about horses.