Finding Fungi - Adventure for Four | Yonder
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Physical intensity1 / 10
Duration3 Hours


Finding Fungi is a fall and winter adventure in which we guide groups of up to four through various mushroom hunting hotspots in the region surrounding Myrtle Glen Farm. Not only will we show how to properly identify and collect both culinary wonders and medicinal species, but we will also give a lesson in mushroom biology that can be carried on in your future mushroom hunting and identification endeavors. The day will include a picnic lunch out in the wilderness, supplied with sustainable foods and beverages made by hand at Myrtle Glen Farm. Once we return to the farm, we will demonstrate proper cleaning and processing techniques. All the mushrooms you collect, you will be able to take home and enjoy. Depending on the time of year and where we focus our day’s energy, we can collect a number of edible species including, Chantrelles, Hedgehogs, various Boletes (including porcini), Lobsters, Hawk’s Wings, Candy Caps, Yellowfoots, Turkey Tails, Oregon Reishis, Oysters, and more.