Reindeer Walk | Yonder
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Physical intensity1 / 10
Duration3 Hours
Kid Friendly
Infant Friendly


This one-of-a-kind tour will be the highlight of your trip to Fairbanks, Alaska. Join us (and our reindeer!) on a guided nature walk through the taiga. After a brief safety talk, we’ll teach you about the natural history of our boreal forest, as well as about the reindeer themselves. Watch the reindeer as they leap and frolic through the woods, roaming freely alongside us. Each walk is a unique experience that changes based on the season, trail conditions, and the reindeers’ moods. After the walk, tour our organically grown perennial and vegetable gardens (in warmer seasons) and enjoy light refreshments while carrying on the conversation. This nature walk features uneven terrain, so good walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing are required. Our reindeer are tame but not trained, so sometimes they decide to take a route not planned for. Bring your cameras, and expect the unexpected!