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Fishing at Marluc Bella Vita Ranch

Physical intensity1 / 10
Duration1 Hours
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We built this 40-foot lake in 2016 with guidance from several North Texas fish experts. Designed for maximum Northern Wide-mouth Bass growth, the lake filled in April 2017. The lake is stocked with 15,000 bass, channel catfish, redear, bluegill, and fathead minnow. By 2018, the original bass were approaching a whopping two pounds in size. The catfish had grown to nearly three pounds! There a number of openings through the nearby forest that provide access to the 1,500 feet of shoreline. Pea gravel beds are located around the lake, as well as large stone slabs perfect for resting on while waiting for a fish to catch. Take our pontoon boat or a kayak out to the middle of the lake to see what else you can find. Bring your own bait and fishing equipment. The walking tour is free and will be provided at check-in if requested.