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A travel booking site devoted to connecting people to enriching experiences in nature.

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We make hosting easier, really.

Our Yonder Concierge alleviates the busywork of hosting by completing your listing for you, so all you have to do is review, edit, and approve. We sync your calendar and business tools, help with guest inquiries and ensure your listing is never buried so guests can easily discover you.

Make a positive impact by sharing your story.

We highlight your bio and the stories that make your accommodations and activities unique. We believe the experiences you offer can enrich a guest’s life, and we let them know.

Get rewarded for nature-rich quality.

We carefully select accommodations and activities that provide quality, nature-rich experiences. And we recognize and reward hosts that excel in delivering social and environmental good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Low Fees

There is no cost to sign up. It's free to post on Yonder, only when a guest books your stay or activity there is a 3% hosting fee. You can read more here.


Yonder stays and activities are required to have proper insurance coverage. If you do not currently have insurance no worries, rest assured Yonder has you covered. Details on coverage will be available shortly.

Referral Bonus

Earn an entire year of zero host fees by referring 6 hosts to sign up on Yonder. more details