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Stay TypeCottage
Pet FriendlyYES
Kid FriendlyYES


The Paicines Ranch (or Rancho Cienega de Los Paicines), located in Paicines, California, has been a working ranch since the mid-1800s. Paicines is located in San Benito County (just south of Santa Clara County), approximately 10 miles south of Hollister, CA. The original land grant in 1842 was to Angel Castro and Jose Rodriguez, who sold it to Francisco Villegas. By 1867 the ranch belonged to Alexander Grogan, an Irishman who settled in San Francisco and speculated in real estate and commodities. Grogan ran a dairy operation on the ranch from the 1860s until the late 1800s. He built many of the oldest buildings which stand on the ranch today including the Grogan house (the 1880s), the two large barns (1880s) and the Cheese House (1860s). Grogan died in 1886, and for the next 20 years, the ranch was owned by his sister and two other owners. In 1906, the ranch was purchased by Kingsley Macomber and George Sykes. Sykes took the land across Highway 25 from the current location of the ranch, and Macomber took what is today the Paicines Ranch. During his ownership, many structures of Moorish design were built on the ranch, including stables, a water tank, a garage, and a new residence. Macomber raised horses on the ranch in addition to a large short horn cattle operation. In 1927 Macomber sold the ranch to Walter Murphy, a wealthy industrialist from Chicago and a friend of the Roosevelts. Eleanor Roosevelt was a guest at the ranch, and their son, Jimmy Roosevelt spent a year at the ranch recuperating from an illness. The Paicines Ranch was Murphy's 7th residence. When Murphy died in 1943, Bob and Katherine Law purchased the ranch. In 1952 Judy Garland married Sid Luft in the Grogan House. During the 1960s the ranch was part of the world's largest varietal vineyard, planted by Mirassou Vineyards. The Law family owned the ranch until 1989 when it was purchased by Ridgemark Corporation, with the intention of developing a resort hotel, golf courses, and single-family houses. The ranch is now owned and operated by Matt Christiano and Sallie Calhoun. We practice regenerative agriculture and work via holistic management practices to sequester carbon and promote healthy soil. The efforts of our labor have proven to be successful by the level of nutrient density of our forage and animals. We raise sheep, cattle, pigs, and turkeys here on the ranch!


Outdoor Features

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Indoor Features

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Extra pillows and blankets
Coffee maker - standard
Alarm clock

Tennessee Room

Queen Size Bed

Boardwalk Room

Twin Size Bed
Twin Size Bed

States Room

Twin Size Bed
Twin Size Bed

Common Space

A central seating/living room area with a sofa. There is a microwave, coffee maker, and small fridge in the living room. one bath (shower, no tub).
    • Check in: 3:00 PM
    • Check out: Before 12:00 PM
    • Cancellation Policy: Balanced
    • Host: No
    • Animals on-site: Yes
    • Minimum Nights: 1
    • Minimum Nights on Weekends: 1
    • Potential Noise: No
    • Instant Booking: Yes
    • Solar panels / power
    • Private well
    • Organic (uncertified)
    • Regenerative agriculture
    • Non-aerosol products
    • Non-toxic cleaning products, detergents, and disinfectants
    • Recycled paper products
    • Composting
    • Recycling
    • Water-conserving irrigation (drip emitters, precipitation monitoring)