Brunner Family Farm Barn Loft | Yonder
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Farm / Barn
No Pets
6 Guests
1 Room
1 Bathroom


When visiting our farm, you may get the opportunity to: frolic with goats, watch baby animals being born, feed the pigs, learn about natural fiber, walk through the flower fields, go for a mushroom hike, snuggle doggies, eat fresh garden veggies, sit by a campfire, and so much more! Stay in comfort and quiet in our newly constructed "country chic" barn loft which includes a full kitchen, spacious bedroom, full bath, all basked in warm natural light from the south-facing windows. Explore and learn on our farm or easily travel to many of Humboldt's spectacular attractions. The barn loft is up a short staircase and very well insulated from farming operations. Reclaimed old-growth wooden details frame the country charm, combined with modern amenities. Heated by a thermostat regulated pellet stove and cooled by a big ceiling fan. Cook your breakfast on the fully restored 1930's Spark gas stove using fresh organic produce and eggs available seasonally for purchase from our farm. The master bedroom sits just off the living room and is equipped with a queen-sized bed and 2 pull out single beds. The couch in the living room also opens into a queen bed. High-speed Wifi is available and T.V. entertainment is located in the office nook. Situated on the north side of the barn, there is a spacious outdoor setting where you can lounge in the sun, climb tree stumps, greet our animals, enjoy a campfire, and take in the scenery. Take a self-guided stroll around the property or make an appointment for a detail tour and introduction to our working farm. Besides our own home, there is one other private home on our property and these places are not open to visitors. If you are traveling with kids or a big group, please keep in mind that the loft is about 650sq ft when considering your space requirements. If you are interested in visiting us to experience (or taste!) something specific on our farm, please let us know, and we will make recommendations for the best time to book. Everything has a season here and production is always changing.


Outdoor Features

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BBQ grill
Fire Pit

Indoor Features

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Extra pillows and blankets
Fireplace wood
Iron / ironing board
Desk workspace
Coffee maker - standard


Features a total of 1 private room and 1 common space.

The Barnyard Master

1 Queen bed2 Twin beds

The Living Room

1 Sofa bed
    • Check in: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Check out: Before 10:00 AM
    • Cancellation Policy: Balanced
    • Host: Yes
    • Animals on-site: Yes
    • Minimum Nights: 2
    • Minimum Nights on Weekends: 2
    • Maximum Nights: 30
    • Potential Noise: Yes
    • Instant Booking: No
    • ENERGY STAR® rated home appliances
    • Energy-efficient lighting (LED, CFL, Other)
    • Solar panels / power
    • Majority local products used
    • Majority organic products used
    • Zero-VOC wall insulation†
    • Zero-VOC paint products and adhesives
    • Non-toxic pest and weed control
    • Organic (uncertified)
    • Permaculture practices
    • Regenerative agriculture
    • Biodynamic agriculture (certified or uncertified)
    • Non-toxic cleaning products, detergents, and disinfectants
    • Non-aerosol products
    • Recycled paper products
    • Composting
    • Plastic-free bottles
    • Recycling
    • Reusable coffee pods
    • Low-flow faucets and showerheads
    • Low-flush or dual flush toilets
    • Water-conserving appliances and fixtures
    • Water-conserving irrigation (drip emitters, precipitation monitoring)