Tin Shed Treehouse | Yonder
28 photos
Forest / Tree House
Not for Kids
No Pets
4 Guests
1 Room
1 Bathroom


Your escape is situated amongst the forest canopy, where you’ll feel the presence of the surrounding trees as you pass beneath them, step inside, and kick your shoes off before diving into bed and pulling the warm comforter over your shoulders. At The Mohican Treehouses, everything we do is founded on an appreciation for the land we steward and the people we work with. As a family-run business, you’ll find yourself at home amongst the siblings you never knew you had. We pride ourselves on sustainable practices, as demonstrated by our implementation of a number of practices including passive solar, radiant heat, as well as the locally-sourced, repurposed, and recyclable materials on display in our cabins. As a part of these efforts, we practice the “Leave No Trace” ethic, one that emphasizes personal responsibility in land maintenance. In addition, we support local vendors and sustainable food sources to the greatest extent possible. All of these decisions reflect our hopes to improve awareness and understanding of environmental degradation and sustainable growth. While we may not be able to reach everyone, we value the impact we are able to have on our guests as well as the local community. You can relax in your stay comfortably, knowing that we’ve taken the extra steps to ensure that every bit of the property is built and maintained responsibly. Protecting and caring for the land is at the heart of our family’s mission to continue providing guests with unforgettable experiences for years and years to come.


Outdoor Features

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BBQ grill
Outdoor deck / patio

Indoor Features

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Desk workspace
Extra pillows and blankets
Coffee maker - standard


Features a total of 1 private room.

The Eastview Loft

2 Queen beds
    • Check in: 4:00 PM
    • Check out: Before 11:00 AM
    • Cancellation Policy: Strict
    • Host: No
    • Animals on-site: No
    • Minimum Nights: 1
    • Minimum Nights on Weekends: 1
    • Maximum Nights: 14
    • Potential Noise: No
    • Instant Booking: No
    • Energy-efficient lighting (LED, CFL, Other)
    • Solar panels / power
    • Majority local products used
    • Major allergen-free
    • Majority organic products used
    • Zero-VOC paint products and adhesives
    • Regenerative agriculture
    • Permaculture practices
    • Organic (uncertified)
    • Non-toxic pest and weed control
    • Biodynamic agriculture (certified or uncertified)
    • Recycled paper products
    • Organic / natural mattresses
    • Non-toxic cleaning products, detergents, and disinfectants
    • Non-aerosol products
    • 100% natural fiber bedding
    • Composting
    • Recycling