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Out in the Alaskan wilderness, listen to the wind whistle through the trees, bringing a flurry of snow that blankets the earth. Caribou crunch through the shrubs and snowfall. The towering pine trees are coated in white powder. Travel to the hillside just north of Fairbanks and discover the stunning Aurora Villa. Perched at the top of a slope, this bed and breakfast offers a front-row view of the Northern Lights. Spend the night mesmerized by the celestial glow of an aurora borealis. Its cedar-clad exterior and modern architecture contrast with the plush snowbanks. The rich landscape of spruce trees was kept undisturbed as the structure was intentionally built in harmony with its surroundings. Its neutral colorings allow the beautiful hues of nature to shine. Warm, LED lights frame the building, lessening disturbances to guests’ eyes as they watch the Northern Lights in the evenings. The interior of Aurora Villa is as incredible as its exterior. Energy-efficient systems keep the bed and breakfast toasty and snug while remaining environmentally-friendly. Unique and minimalistic furnishings adorn the lodge. Bright whites and wood tones pay homage to Alaskan elements. Local landmarks include the Santa Claus House and the Morris Thompson Cultural Center, where you can experience Alaska Native art, music, stories, and dance. Spend the day ice skating at the Big Dipper Ice Arena or skiing at the Birch Hill Recreation Area. With plenty of places to explore and breathtaking views of the horizon, embark on a true Alaskan adventure at the Aurora Villa Bed and Breakfast.


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Snow Bank

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    • Minimum nights on weekends: 1
    • Maximum nights: 14
    • Cancellation policy: Relaxed
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    • Energy-efficient lighting (LED, CFL, Other)