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Restore Ecological Balance


Reconnecting With What Counts

Our planet has undergone the most rapid period of development in recorded history. We’re in a constant state of building, innovating and communicating that shapes our daily lives. 

Mobile platforms allow us to connect everywhere we go. High-definition televisions provide us with endless binge watching. Social media and texting have become the preferred method for keeping in touch. But, the more plugged in we are, the more disconnected we become from something fundamental to our well being. The natural world.

Media brings the world to our screens but distances us from it at the same time. “Climate change is happening somewhere else.” We have bills to pay and problems of our own. Yet anyone living a modern life has contributed to the current conditions on Earth. How and what we consume has a direct impact on the living world – human, animal, plant and organism. We’re disturbing it to the point where we’re creating the perfect conditions for viruses and diseases like Ebola and COVID-19—and if our behavior doesn’t change, we can expect to see more pandemics in the near future.

So, what can we do? We must reconnect with what counts to allow balance to return. 

How we live our lives today has everything to do with how we will write a new story for our children.

Our Stewards Are A Step Ahead

Our Yonder Stewards are helping lead the change. They’ve made their lives and livelihoods in the natural world, and are inviting us to learn, see and do through their eyes. They’re part of what’s called the Regenerative Economy – which uses nature as the model for how to balance what we use with what we restore. 

And when we restore nature, we also restore ourselves. Study after study demonstrates the psychological and physical benefits of connecting with nature. People who are more connected with nature are happier, feel more vital and report having more meaning in their lives. It’s hard to overstate how much good nature does for our well-being.

This is Yonder’s ultimate calling. 

Sure, we’re connecting more people to amazing locations and experiences. But, even more importantly, we’re demonstrating the positive impact nature can have on our lives and that we can have on nature. We figure that the more we all experience this, the more we’ll want to protect and preserve the natural world that we ultimately depend on.