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Steward Criteria

Steward Criteria

What is a Yonder Steward?

Stewards are the living example of Yonder’s commitment to the natural world.

Our community of ranchers, farmers, vintners, and nature lovers are much more than hosts. We select them for their exceptional efforts to connect people with nature, and because they care for the ecosystems where they live and work. We believe experiences offered by our Stewards not only inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world, but also a greater sense of responsibility to protect it.

Yonder Stewards are uniquely qualified in three ways:

1. They practice responsible use of natural resources

For example:

  • Non-toxic, recycled, environmentally friendly products and supplies, e.g. Fair Trade coffee, natural bedding, bamboo alternatives, biodegradable trash bags, reusable straws, biosafe detergents, etc.
  • Energy and water conservation, e.g. solar panels, low flow toilets, energy-efficient water heaters, programmable thermostats.
  • Recycling and or compost facilities
  • Demonstrated protection of biodiversity and natural habitats, e.g. wildflowers and pollinator-friendly native plants,, walking paths to avoid plant damage, natural gardens of local flowers, fruits, and vegetables, pro-active soil cultivation, etc.

2. They provide exceptional hospitality.

For example:

  • Caring, thoughtful details that anticipate guest needs and reflect their care (in-room snacks, beverage station, toiletries, maps, extra blankets.).
  • Extra precautions are taken for the guest environment to feel comfortable, sanitary and safe.
  • A clean, welcoming environment that’s in harmony with the setting.
  • Streamlined, timely and warm communication before, during and after guest stays.
  • Guest issues or needs that arise are remedied quickly.

3. They offer enriching, nature-based activities.

For example:

  • Extend direct access to nature, and activities that celebrate being outside.
  • Provide nature-immersive recreational activities such as horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, bird watching, and biking.
  • Facilitate educational experiences (demonstrations, skills workshops/classes, retreats)
  • Cultivate community with events (dinners, tasting events, tours)
  • Promote the integration of humanity with nature through activities that nurture harmony, spiritual awakening, and individual mindfulness.

Connect with something bigger

Become a Yonder Steward

Being part of Yonder is unique from any other booking platform. You’re not only listing your property and activities, you're creating moments of nature connection with guests every day.

We're looking for passionate Stewards who offer a unique experience and don't fail to deliver the healing benefits of nature.