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Become A Yonder Steward

Stewards are the living example of Yonder’s commitment to the natural world.

Our community of ranchers, farmers, vintners, and nature lovers are much more than hosts. We select them for their exceptional efforts to connect people with nature, and because they care for the ecosystems where they live and work. We believe experiences offered by our Stewards not only inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world, but also a greater sense of responsibility to protect it.

Yonder Steward Criteria

How do we choose our Stewards?

Every property, activity, and experience you’ll find on Yonder is owned and operated by a Yonder Steward.

What's different about a Yonder Steward listing?

Our listings are structured to tell a story. The narrative of each listing goes beyond the amenities and guides guests through the unique character and natural elements of the property.

What’s a Yonder Stay?

Stays are overnight accommodations offered by Stewards with a passion for connecting people to nature-rich experiences. Stays can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, including barns, cabins, treehouses, yurts and more.

What’s a Yonder Activity?

Activities are single-day experiences offered by Stewards that range from producing goat milk soap, to farm pop-up workshops, guided hikes, horseback riding, touring a maple sugar operation, and more.

Our Commitment to Stewards



Dedicated focus on nature immersive accommodations and activities.



A content platform that features you and your property’s stories (not a catalog of listings highlighting amenities)



An accolades program for Stewards that excel in demonstrating positive environmental social practices.


High-touch Service

Support that includes a dedicated Yonder representative and elevated 1:1 service.

Getting Started

One of our Yonder Steward Success Guides will be in touch within 3 business days to discuss enrollment.

Start thinking about your listing with these key elements:

A story that invites guests to learn about the history and traditions of your space.

A visual narrative that showcases your property’s unique connection to nature.

A Steward profile photo that shows guests who’s behind the listing.

Essential FAQs

The Yonder Steward Guarantee

All of our Stewards are protected. Read more about our Steward Guarantee.

Stewards are at the backbone of Yonder. The Steward success team is available for support through a variety of channels. Get help setting up your account, find support to your questions through the online FAQ’s, ask a fellow Steward in the Yonder Stewards private Facebook group or Instagram page, submit a request to join, or send an email to

Connect with something bigger

Become a Steward

Being part of Yonder is unique from any other booking platform. You’re not only listing your property and activities, you're creating moments of nature connection with guests every day.

We're looking for passionate Stewards who offer a unique experience and don't fail to deliver the healing benefits of nature.