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Taking on the challenge: Regeneration

We have a big opportunity — as individuals and as a global community.  An opportunity to change our relationship with nature, with travel, and with our wellbeing. We all have to do our part, and at Yonder, we aim to play a big role in helping make this transformation.

Yonder’s business is grounded in purpose. We believe reconnecting with nature will restore the planet and humankind.  We believe in nature’s power to help and heal and put us back in touch with something bigger than ourselves. We believe traveling to nature-rich destinations will not only inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world but also a greater sense of responsibility to protect it. 

Here’s the tricky part. Travel as it currently operates has a negative impact on our planet.  The industry needs to move fast to make a meaningful difference in reversing climate change, and tourism needs to reframe how it connects with local communities and cultures. 2020 has made this clearer than ever. 

Simply put, the future of travel depends on new ways of being. 

If Yonder wants to stay true to our purpose, we have to continue to shape our business to reflect it. We don’t have it all figured out yet, but we’re taking steps.

So, where to start? Today’s traveler is inundated with a lot of terms: green, sustainable, ecotourism.  All of them have some role in defining what it means to travel responsibly, but the principles and practices of regenerative travel - which stand for not just protecting, but restoring and improving ecological and social systems - most closely align with our values.

We see Yonder’s future as a next generation hub of regenerative stories and resources for travelers that know that by choosing our carefully vetted nature-rich accommodations, they are also caring for the biggest host of all, nature.  

Moving towards regenerative travel is a long-term commitment, and a challenge we are up for. 

We look forward to keeping you posted on our progress. 

We have a great responsibility to the interconnected social and environmental issues of our time.

Our Purpose as an Operating System

We remain devoted to our founding principles of connection, community, and coexistence between people and the natural world, and have made the following commitments towards a regenerative travel model. This is just the beginning of what we see as an ongoing journey of how we can do better.

Making our commitment legal. 

Yonder is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) to help share our purpose with the world. A PBC is a type of corporate entity, like ‘Inc.’ or ‘LLC.’ It’s our legal status of incorporation, and it means that we place equal importance on creating both profit and positive societal and environmental impact. We have also embarked on the journey to becoming a B Corporation (link), which is a rigorous third-party certification that sets measures and holds us accountable for our positive impact on society and the environment in addition to profitability. 

Spotlighting Stewards that are models of regeneration

Our Steward Development Team puts sustainability into practice by encouraging onboarded Stewards to be more environmentally proactive in their hospitality offerings. Yonder recognizes and promotes Stewards who demonstrate their active sustainability and regenerative efforts. 

Developing Stewards that are just getting started. 

Through a robust localized support system, we partner with our Stewards for the improvement and development of their stay and activity offerings in all aspects of hospitality and sustainability; which includes location visits by dedicated representatives of Yonder. Our localization program sets regeneration benchmarks to show the benefits of excellence within attributes, and we additionally recognize third party accreditations in rewarding Stewards through our Yonder Laurels program.

Tracking our progress. 

We continually assess and improve Yonder’s regenerative travel strategy through measurement and tracking over time. This enables us to evolve and improve upon our benchmarks, as they reflect guest preferences and platform performance. 

Forming strategic alliances with like-minded organizations. 

We seek out partnerships with companies and nonprofits that have aligned visions and missions.