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Putting Sustainability into Practice

Our Purpose as an Operating System

At Yonder our purpose is to create a harmonious world by connecting people to nature. Since day one, we have asked ourselves what that purpose means -  for our operations, for the Yonder guest experience, and for our Yonder Stewards, chosen for their unique nature-rich properties and exceptional hospitality. 

We aim to give guests a heightened appreciation of nature by offering overnight stays and activities that immerse them in the natural world. We believe that connecting guests to the healing benefits of nature will, in turn, inspire them to actively protect it, and move the world towards a more harmonious place.

How we choose to do business today impacts the future of nature. We know that as a company at the nexus of travel, nature and health, we have a great responsibility to the interconnected social and environmental issues of our time.

We have a great responsibility to the interconnected social and environmental issues of our time.

Our Commitment

We remain devoted to our founding principles of connection, community, and coexistence between people and the natural world, and have made the following commitments towards sustainability in 2020-2021. This is just the beginning of what we see as an ongoing journey of how we can do better.

Making our commitment legal. 

Yonder is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) to help share our purpose with the world. A PBC is a type of corporate entity, like ‘Inc.’ or ‘LLC.’ It’s our legal status of incorporation, and it means that we place equal importance on creating both profit and positive societal and environmental impact. We have also embarked on the journey to becoming a B Corporation (link), which is a rigorous third-party certification that sets measures and holds us accountable to our positive impact on society and the environment in addition to profitability. 

Spotlighting Stewards that are models of sustainability

Our Steward Development Team puts sustainability into practice by encouraging onboarded Stewards to be more environmentally proactive in their hospitality offerings. Yonder recognizes and promotes Stewards who demonstrate their active sustainability efforts. 

Developing Stewards that are just getting started. 

Through a robust localized support system, we partner with our Stewards for the improvement and development of their stay and activity offerings in all aspects of hospitality and sustainability; which includes location visits by dedicated representatives of Yonder. Our localization program sets sustainability benchmarks to show the benefits of excellence within attributes, and we additionally recognize third party accreditations in rewarding Stewards through our Yonder Laurels program.

Tracking our progress. 

We continually assess and improve Yonder’s sustainability strategy through measurement and tracking over time. This enables us to evolve and improve upon our benchmarks, as they reflect guest preferences and platform performance. 

Forming strategic alliances with like-minded organizations. 

We seek out partnerships with companies and nonprofits that have aligned visions and missions.