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March 4, 2020

Yonder is taking flight!

I recall that ‘ah-ha’ moment in October 2017. We had just completed our second year of agri-tourism offerings on the farm and discovered that revenue stream surpassed all others.  Farming is a labor of love, and seldom results in monetary success, but what if? I enjoyed the many heartfelt messages left by visiting families who spent time on the farm and witnessed the natural world, which in turn offered them a chance to appreciate their special bond. Could there be a way to couple both farmer and family together while harnessing the unforced rhythms of nature to improve the lives of everyone? This is the question that I set out to answer.

With guidance from a good friend, I met my cofounder Freyr Thor, who possessed a depth of successful experience with business start-ups.  Freyr, a native from Iceland, spent his youth outdoors on farms, in the company of horses and other animals. His childhood offered unique insights into the opportunity, as well as a genuine passion for the endeavor at large that I had set out to solve. In 2018, we set out to understand the opportunity and decide if, in an underserved market, could we provide an authentic experience, for farmer and family alike, to realize a better, healthier tomorrow by connecting to nature? We decided the answer was yes and in late 2018, Yonder was born from our passion for the natural world and everything it offers.

I’m pleased to announce that starting today, Yonder is taking flight. Under Freyr’s leadership, and a team with a shared passion for the natural world and the healing powers it bestows, we built and created a truly authentic platform experience. Yonder is a catalyst for creating a harmonious world by connecting people to nature. Whether farm, ranch, vineyard, or other nature-rich destination, both Stewards and families are now poised to aid and learn from each other. Yonder’s purpose is to nurture the kinship between people, plants, animals, and all living things.

Thanks for your support, and I look forward to seeing you on the farm real soon.