We're changing credit for the next generation

Our mission is to make money rewarding and credit empowering for the next generation. Here's how you can apply.
What's representative APR?
Representative APR (annual percentage rate) is a rate credit providers, that's us, show so you can compare the cost of different credit products.

It includes all the fixed fees you pay, like your membership fee, so it isn't the rate you'll pay us if you ever need to borrow money. We'll show you that when you sign up.
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We think credit scores are broken

Credit scores are an average of people that behave like you. But what if you’re fresh off the plane or you've never had a loan or a credit card before? You’ll need to start from scratch.

A fairer view on your finances

We use Open Banking, a safe and secure way to view your banking data, to check your income and expenses. It gives us a more accurate, more complete, and more fair view of your finances. It's great for expats and immigrants.
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You could build your credit score with us

If you make your monthly payments on time, we'll report them to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion which can help build your credit score towards unlocking other financial services like mortgages in the future.

Missing payments can impact your credit report, so it's important to make payments on time and only borrow what you can afford to repay.

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