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Rewards that make you go ‘woah’

Turbocharge your points, get worldwide travel insurance and loads more
Turbocharge your points, get worldwide travel insurance & more
Purchase rate
29.94% (var)
66.7% APR (var)
Based on a
£1,200 limit

Outrageous points earning, with up to 12.5% back

Full members average £350 a year in rewards

On all purchases
Anywhere in the world, worth up to 2.5% at Experiences
At our favourite spots
At our fave spots
Worth up to a ridiculous 12.5% at Experiences
Welcome bonus
Yours right away, worth up to £50 at Experiences
Welcome bonus, worth up to £50 at Experiences
Accepted pretty much everywhere
So no more “sorry, we don’t take that here”

Use points to discover and explore the world

See how rewards work
The coolest online brands
Top dining spots
Any flight, on any airline
Relaxing weekend getaways
Some of the best bars and pubs
The coolest online brands
Top dining spots
Any flight, on any airline
Relaxing weekend getaways
Some of the best bars and pubs
Member favourites, past and present

Worldwide insurance for unlucky travellers

Things gone belly-up in Barcelona? We've got you covered with comprehensive insurance, for you and your family. Terms apply
Travel Cancellation
up to £7,500
Medical Expenses
up to £7,500
Lost Baggage
up to £1,500
Winter Sports
up to £500

Finally, a rewards card you can actually use abroad

Unlike some other rewards cards, we don’t charge any fees abroad, so you can continue to rack up points wherever you are
No foreign exchange fees, at all, ever
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Up to £150 free cash withdrawals a day
Trip summaries to keep on top it all

Next level credit card security

Purchase protection

Your big purchases are covered if something goes wrong. Terms apply
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Authorise big ticket items

Confirm large and online purchases with face ID in the app

Top notch, in-app live chat

Grab one of the Yonder support team in a few quick taps

You thought that was it?

We also do the basics really, really well
Detailed spend breakdowns
Instant notifications for real-time tracking
Set up flexible recurring payments
See, freeze and replace your card easily
Swipe to use your points
Split transactions with pals
Detailed spend breakdowns
Real-time notifications
Set up flexible recurring payments
See, freeze and replace your card
Swipe to use your points
Split transactions with pals

The memberships, in all their glory

Free membership
Find out more
Full membership
Currently viewing
Important info
Monthly fee
Cancel anytime
No late payment fees
Interest rate
Points per £1 spent
% back towards experiences
Up to 0.5%
Up to 2.5%
spend at experiences
Points per £1 spent
Up to 5
Up to 25
% back towards experiences
Up to 2.5%
Up to 12.5%
Welcome bonus points
Experiences available
Use points towards any flight
Worldwide travel insurance
No fees abroad
Free withdrawals abroad
£150 / day
£150 / day
In-app trip summaries
Everyday essentials
Digital card
Premium card (3 month min)
Plastic card
Apple & Google Pay
Purchase protection
Top-notch support
Award winning app
Accepted everywhere Mastercard is

See if you’re eligible

No impact on your credit score
Takes less than 60 seconds
Check my eligibility
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Ask us anything

Can I really cancel anytime?

Yep. No strings at all. We’ll be sad to lose you, but just pop us a message in the app, and we’ll do the rest. No fees, no fuss.

What’s the application process like?

Quick and simple - all you'll need to hand is your phone and government ID.

  1. Check your eligibility with a few quick questions
  2. Download the iOS or Android app to verify your finances and ID
  3. Choose your membership and order your card
  4. That's it! Your digital card will be ready to use in the app right away
Will applying affect my credit score?

We’ll firstly ask you a few questions to see if you’re eligible. This won’t affect your credit score, as we only perform what’s known as a ‘soft search’ on your credit report. This will only be visible to you and not potential lenders.

If you’re eligible and decide to progress, we’ll then perform a hard search on your credit report, which may effect your credit score.

How do I redeem my points?

It’s really easy. Simply check out the latest experiences in the app, go and enjoy one, pay using Yonder, then choose to use your points in the app. That’s it. No codes. No coupons. No awkward conversations with the waitress.

A seamless experience from start to finish.

Do I get Purchase Protection?

Some of your purchases are covered by UK law often referred to as 'Section 75'. It was introduced to protect you against purchases that don't turn out as you expected. You may be covered for things like faulty items, purchases not fulfilled, or purchases not as described.

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