Version 1.0

1. When do these T&Cs apply?

These Rewards Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) apply to all our Yonder members. When you sign your Card & Credit Agreement (Credit Agreement) you agree to be bound by these additional T&Cs as well.

2. How you earn Points

a. How many points will you earn?

You can earn Points by spending on your card. The number of Points you earn differs depending on the type of Yonder membership you hold. You can see which membership you have on the Membership page in your mobile app.

  • If you are a Full Yonder member, you will earn 1 Point for every full 20p spent.
  • If you are a Free Yonder member, you will earn 1 Point for every full £1 spent.

This means that each transaction is rounded down to the nearest full points earning threshold before Points are calculated.

For example, if you spend £1.99:

  • If you are a Full Yonder Member, you will earn 9 Points; and
  • If you are a Free Yonder Member, you will earn 1 Point.

You may also earn additional Points at merchants specified in the mobile app or in accordance with promotional terms as may be communicated to you from time to time.  

Your Points balance will be shown to you in your mobile app.

b. Refunds

Where a transaction is refunded any Points awarded that relate to the amount refunded will be removed from the Points balance.

3. When you will not earn Points

a. What spending is ineligible?

You will not earn Points on the following transactions:

  • Cash advances or cash-like transactions (including ATM withdrawals, cash-back, or money transfers);
  • Payments to investment or trading platforms;
  • Payments to other financial institutions;
  • Payments to government bodies or tax authorities; and
  • Refunds or credits applied to your account.

You will also not earn Points on any interest or fees charged on your account, or on transactions that are not permitted in accordance with the Credit Agreement.

b. When can we remove Points?

If your account shows that Points have been earned on any of the transactions set out in 3(a) above, or if you have been transferred Points that have been earned in such a way, we may remove those Points from your Points balance.

c. Missed payments or breaches of agreement

If you are in arrears, or have otherwise breached the terms of the Credit Agreement (including these T&Cs), you will not be entitled to earn or redeem your Points.

4. How you can Redeem Points

a. Yonder Experiences

You can redeem your Points at Yonder Experiences. Yonder Experiences are a range of experiences curated by our team each month. The Yonder Experiences available for you to redeem differs depending on the type of Yonder Membership you hold.

Details of the available Yonder Experiences can be viewed in the mobile app and each Yonder Experience is available for a limited time only.

Redeeming your Points at a Yonder Experience means your Points will be used to cover the cost you spend on the Yonder Experience up to the fair usage limit as detailed in the app. Each Yonder Experience has a different Points cost and fair usage limit.

We may communicate promotional Yonder Experiences to you from time to time. The details of how to redeem these Yonder Experiences will be contained in that communication to you.

Each Yonder Experience is provided by a third party and not by Yonder. As such, each Yonder Experience will always be subject to availability and the third party’s terms and conditions. Please check these carefully.  

b. Cash equivalent credit (Full Members only)

If you are a Full Member, you can redeem your Points for a cash equivalent amount to be credited to your account at any time. As an example, 100,000 Points is worth £100. Points redeemed in this way will be set off against the balance outstanding on your account. If there is no balance outstanding the cash equivalent amount will remain on your account to be set off against future transactions. Points redeemed in this way are not redeemable as cash.

If you are a Free Member, you can’t redeem your Points for a cash equivalent amount.

c. Is redemption non-reversible or non-transferable?

Yes, redemption of your Points, either for a Yonder Experience or Cash equivalent credit, is non-reversible and non-transferable.

5. Transfer of Points

You may be able to transfer your Points to other Yonder members via the mobile app. Any Points transferred that have been earned in breach of the Credit Agreement (including these T&Cs) may be removed.  

6. Travel Insurance (Full Membership only)

If you are a Full Member, travel insurance cover will be provided to you free of charge under your Yonder credit card agreement. We will provide to you an Insurance Product Information Document which will give you detailed information on the product and the contract of insurance itself, including:

  • the type of insurance;
  • what is and is not covered by the insurance; any restrictions under it;
  • how claims can be made;
  • what countries are covered under the insurance; and what your obligations are.

Please note that this travel insurance cover is provided to you free of charge as a benefit to you as a Yonder cardholder. This cover will end when your card account is terminated or when this benefit is cancelled or expires.

7. Other Important Information

a. What happens if my account is closed?

If you or we close your account in accordance with the terms of the Agreement you will lose any Points that you have earned.

b. Changes to these T&Cs

If we change these T&Cs, we'll give you at least 30 days' advance notice of the change, unless the change is not to your disadvantage. In this case, we'll give you notice but we may make the change more quickly, including on the same day as the change is notified to you.

c. Fraud and Abuse of the Points

If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have engaged in any fraud or material abuse in relation to earning or redeeming Points, such as seeking to obtain an advantage through unfair or deceptive means, we may take actions which we reasonably consider appropriate in the circumstances, which may include suspending your account in accordance with the Credit Agreement or forfeiting your Points.