June 26, 2024
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Sam Matanle explains how Yonder helps Batch break through the noise

Anya Jackson
Anya Jackson
Partner Marketing Associate
"Yonder has given us access to the right type of customers — who are thirsty and hungry for discovering new things from a brand they trust."

Batch LDN is the sustainable start-up brand re-inventing the suit. Operating on a batch model, all items are made to order, reducing the huge problem of wastage and cutting costs for customers. They first came on the platform in November 2023 and have since been on the platform for 6 months. Unlike our dining partners who typically stay on for one month, online brands vary in campaign length. As Batch is a luxury brand with a higher average spend, they've featured for a longer time than brands with a lower average spend.

“Let’s do this!”

The fashion industry is an incredibly saturated place with huge levels of over-consumption. As a young brand, it was hard for Batch to to break through the noise and get awareness. In stepped Yonder…

The Numbers

Let's dig into it:

Brand Exposure

Breaking through the noise as a small start up with an important mission is incredibly hard, we’d know! That’s why Sam approached us to put Batch on our platform.

"Fashion is an incredibly saturated market, and consumers are inundated with brands overwhelming them with fast fashion at insane prices. It’s hard for them to want to care about paying a bit more for quality, and playing their part in conscious consumption - the market incentives are all wrong."

When on the platform, Batch was displayed in-app to our 13,000+ members who can explore the brand with just the click of a button.

"We’re one of only 10 direct-to-consumer brands in any given month, and we’re the only fashion brand. Yonder makes it easy for us to stand out."

“Access to customers that are already in a discovery mindset, what's not to like”

It wasn’t only the increased brand awareness that Sam was impressed with, it was also the profile of the Yonder member. Fashion fans are a dime a dozen, but Batch are looking for a specific type of customer: someone who cares about sustainability. Batch’s ideal customer appreciates the finest materials, at an affordable price point, and is happy with 6 week wait for their custom suit.

"Yonder has given us access to the right type of customers; people whose values align with ours, and who are actively looking to discover and support brands that give a sh*t. They trust Yonder, so by the time they found Batch, they were already a vetted community of people that will have an interest in us."

It just makes sense

When catching up with Sam, we talked about the cost vs value of being on the platform.

“The ROI is HUGE. We’re able to access a whole new category of customers that we might not have found. We are willing to pay Yonder a percentage of sales because we’re finding our ideal customer base. And if no one visits, you don’t pay anything. It’s a no-brainer to us.”

Yonder do it differently

Sam was initially drawn to Yonder as we have similar missions and thought it would be a good fit.

“Yonder are looking to challenge an industry ruled by big brands and so are we, so it’s a good cross over with ethos. It made it very easy to start working together and create the relationship that they’re looking for with partners”

He was surprised by how easy it was to work with us, due to our slick integration meaning that nothing is needed from partners. Our members just pay with their card and redeem their points against the transaction in-app.

“It was so low-touch to work with Yonder because they do all of the heavy lifting. Their team has clearly been hired well and with intent. It’s almost like working with a friend or family, they care so much about your brand.”

We know we’re in safe hands

Throughout our campaign we have done multiple pieces of marketing, from emails to video content on socials.

“The marketing team have been great at elevating the partnership. Lots of brands try to do the same thing but Yonder do it differently, with lots of energy, and understand how their members want to be spoken to”

Recently we did an email to members who had previously purchased a Batch suit about their new collection, with an exclusive code to get store credit with their purchase.

“Working with Yonder, we know we’re in safe hands. They’re going to support us and promote us in the right way, at the right time”

Check out the video we made here.

Here’s what our members had to say:

“There’s something unique about spending your points on an Experience that lasts beyond the bill. I love dining out, but this is something I did before Yonder existed. I’ve never dropped £400 on a suit, but being able to pay for it with my points completely removed the need to justify making that purchase. Plus everyone comments on my Batch when I wear it. I’m saving up for a linen one now!” Kate - Yonder Member

Still not sure? Give us a shout to chat more about how Yonder can help your business.

Anya Jackson
Anya Jackson
Partner Marketing Associate

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