February 21, 2024
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Introducing our new free membership

Tom Davies
Tom Davies
VP Marketing

We’ve launched a new free membership, giving you a new way to build credit and enjoy our rewards, with no monthly fee.

Today we’ve officially launched our free membership after months of testing it out behind the scenes. Thanks to everyone who’s given us feedback along the way, we’re really pleased with how it’s turned out.

It’s the same Yonder you’ve come to love (we hope), stripped back to the essentials to give new members a free everyday rewards card with the same product experience we’re known for.

Our free membership is a big step forward to rebuilding the world’s relationship with credit

Credit is a scary prospect for a lot of people. It’s why a lot of younger people don’t have a credit card yet. We started Yonder to help young people build confidence with credit, so they can get more value out of their money today and build their credit over time.

But our original membership comes with a monthly fee, and that’s not for everyone. So we’re giving you an option with less of a commitment.

You’ll still earn rewards, still get access to the app features our members already love and still get great customer support.

Right, so what's included?

Use it anywhere, with no FX fees

Making your life on the road easier is a big part of what makes Yonder special, so it was important our free membership stayed true to that. Use your Yonder card anywhere in the world, without fees, wherever Mastercard is accepted. Meaning you can continue to earn those points when you’re abroad without worrying about those foreign exchange fees hidden in the rates or tacked onto every transaction.

Earn 1 point for every £1

You’ll still earn Yonder points when you spend and can use them at a handful of our curated Experiences every month. To give you an idea of where you can use them, in March you can use your points at top dining spots like Crust Bros, Solis, Berenjak, and The Water House Project, fitness and well-being brands like Urban, Barrecore, and Triyoga, and on car rentals through Turo.

Mastercard World Elite Status with Priceless.com benefits

Free members still qualify for the Mastercard World Elite benefits, including access to hundreds of travel, shopping and lifestyle discounts around the world like 10% off at CarRentals.com and cashback on Booking.com.

Purchase protection for the big ticket items

You’ll still be protected under Section 75 purchase protection, so if a purchase over £100 doesn’t turn out as expected, you may be due a refund if the goods or services you bought are faulty, not fulfilled or not as described.

Upgrade memberships whenever you're ready, or never

You can use our free membership as long as you like without paying any monthly fees. And if you’re ever ready to unlock more of what makes Yonder special, like our worldwide travel insurance or supercharged points earning, you can switch over to our original full membership whenever you like.

Tom Davies
Tom Davies
VP Marketing

Becoming a Yonder member could 


your credit rating

Check you’re eligible before applying
You can see if you’re eligible without affecting your credit score. If you continue, we’ll carry out a full credit check.
Borrow what you can afford
When you use a credit card, you need to pay off your balance at the end of the month. Only spend what you can afford to repay.
Improve your credit over time
Making your monthly payment on time could help improve your credit rating. Just like missing a payment can impact it.

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