December 1, 2023
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We’re changing insurance provider

Tom Davies
Tom Davies
VP Marketing

We’re changing insurance provider soon and here’s what you need to know.

Give it to me in one sentence

On January 1, 2024 we’re switching your travel insurance coverage from AXA to Qover (powered by Lloyd’s) to provide a better claims experience. Your coverage is pretty much the same (we’ve outlined the details below) but some claims will come with a £50 excess.

That was two sentences. Tell me about the coverage thing again.

Your coverage isn’t changing – so put the pitchforks down. Everything that you’re covered for now will remain the same with our new provider. The legal terms are the same or better for coverage, so you don’t need to worry about less coverage when you’re abroad.

Well, that’s good. But why?

Since we launched our insurance coverage last year, we kept getting the same feedback – coverage was great, but making a claim was like getting blood from a stone. It’s 2023, nothing should be that hard.

AXA’s coverage is great but they’re not known for their world class user experience. So we went digging for a new provider that would give you a user experience you’ve come to expect from the rest of the Yonder app.

We’re not making this change because it’s more affordable for us. In fact, it’s a little more expensive to offer than our current provider. Don’t worry, we’re not passing that cost on to you, we just wanted you to know that this isn’t a money spinner for us.

Makes sense. How is this good for me?

With Qover, you’ll be able to log, track and receive updates on your claims easier. Generating a travel certificate will be easier and you’ll be able to see more detail on your insurance benefit coverage in the Yonder app. In future you’ll receive push/email updates from Yonder on your claims status as well as being able to log a claim right in the app.

Okay, what’s the catch?

Some claims will now come with a £50 excess. Don’t worry, the majority of your coverage still won’t have any excess when you claim – there’s still no excess on medical expenses coverage, personal liability coverage, personal belongings theft, winter sports coverage or car rental excess.

However select claims within delays and missed departures, trip cancellation and lost baggage will come with a £50 excess. All the details for when this applies are in the documents below. So, for example, if you claim for £500 in lost baggage, you’ll pay a £50 excess and receive a £450 payout.

We’re sorry for the new fee, but we felt that on balance it was worth it for the improved experience.

What if I’m on a trip when it switches over?

If you’re travelling over the New Year, lucky you. Hope you’re heading somewhere warm. No need to worry about your coverage though, it will just switch over automatically on January 1, 2024.

If you need to claim on your trip in 2023, you can do it with AXA and if something happens in 2024, you’ll just log your claim with Qover.

Anything else?

Apart from knowing about the change date (January  1, 2024) and the excess, there’s nothing you need to do. We’ll make the switch for you and make sure you have what you need to claim on our new insurance provider if you need to. We’ll share the claims link with you closer to the date of the switch.

All existing claims will continue through AXA and any new claims in 2024 will go through our new provider, Qover.

A list of the key differences between old coverage (AXA) & new coverage (Qover, powered by Lloyd’s)

Personal Liability:

Old coverage: holiday accommodation had a £250 excess

New coverage: no excess anymore :)

Card payment:

Old coverage: 100% of the journey needed to be booked with the card

New coverage: coverage granted if partial payment was made with your Yonder card (basically, either transport or accommodation was paid). For cancellation and curtailment we will only cover what has been (or due to be paid) paid with the card.


Old coverage: wasn’t covered

New coverage: is now covered :)

Medical expenses in the UK:

Old coverage: mentioned that medical costs would be covered in the UK

New coverage: no longer covered as it’s already covered by the NHS

Baggage delay:

Old coverage: itemised receipts not requested when paying with Yonder card

New coverage: itemised receipts always requested

Age limit of 80:

Old coverage: coverage for people above 80 was applicable except for Medical expenses, assistance & cancellation

New coverage: this age limit is for the entire coverage (total exclusion)

Coverage naming: your new insurance policy may use different names for the types of coverage included, so we’ll make sure to include a list when we update you closer to the change over.

I want to read more!

Sure, read the Terms and Conditions and the Insurance Product Information Documents for all the juicy details you’re looking for.

Tom Davies
Tom Davies
VP Marketing

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